Add the "Author" and "Content owner" columns to content lists

When checking contents that are in a specific status in the Content Status Overview (or Content Status List Macro), it is not visible who owns/authors the content.

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    Joel Anttonen

    This is what our company needs also, and it would be nice if we could add more columns there.

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    Gabriel Larson

    Our employees are using the app to check which pages are out of date using your app statuses. However, when they are viewing the overall report and click to view the out of date projects in a specific space, they are forced to view all out of date projects in that space. We would love to be able to view the page owner in that popup view as well as sort the pages by page owner. Is there any built in functionality for this? If not, are we able to access Better Content Archiving statuses in our own custom reports?

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    Sarah Hawkes

    Echoing previous statements, our company wants to give more accountability to page owners by allowing them to view all their pages in the app, without needing to view pages owned by others. Is there a way to filter pages in the app by page owners?

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