Sub-types for page expiration via labels

Currently the add-on has rudimentary support for two hardwired sub-types, expressed via the labels "archive-review" or "archive-update".

This isn't complete, neither flexible.

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    Michael Steigemann

    As the space owner for me it is interesting to find out find out which pages are expired and do not have the label archive-review or archive-update. It could be implemented as a fourth filter option. This idea already came to the product backlog of midory. If I have other ideas I will enter.

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    Moh Ahmed

    It would be very useful to be able to label pages to expire in intervals. Setting a label like, expire_180 so that those pages expire every 180 days. This will make it very easy to set up once, and update every X number of days. 

    For example, we would set our quarterly reports pages to expire every quarter. 

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