Archiving Plugin for Confluence 6.0.0 released: rebuilt for scalability: Content Update Index and data limiting

Midori is happy to announce that the Archiving Plugin for Confluence 6.0.0 is generally available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

Concept of the Content Update Index

The introduction of the Content Update Index is the single most important change in this release. Without going into details, the index maintains the last update information (who updated what, when?) in a scalable and searchable way, eliminating expensive page tree traversals.

Data limiting

Starting from this release the add-on reduces the data to the "actionable" size. It both prevents your users from information overload and your system from wasting resources on useless work.


  • Fixed: in previous versions, no pages found to archive if the archiving configuration specified the "AND" operator between the Page Archiving triggers "Not viewed for N days" and "Not updated for M days", and one of those were disabled. (This was a major bug with a simple workaround: turn the operator to "OR".)
  • Fixed: Content Tools → Page Status is shown, but disallowed for regular users.
  • Fixed: Manage blacklisted spaces link is displayed for space administrators.


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