Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 2.2.0 released: Excel view visibility, UI integration with JIRA Agile, Service Desk and Tempo

Midori is proud to announce that the Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 2.2.0 is generally available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

This version enables to configure visibility rules for the Excel views. Also, Better Excel Plugin now seamlessly integrates with the user interface of the most widely used JIRA plugins: JIRA Agile, JIRA Service Desk and Tempo. As for the templates, it generates hyperlinks for the Issue key and Summary columns, and it standardizes on using the 1900 date system.

  • View visibility: you can set up smart visibility conditions for the Excel views.
  • User interface integration with JIRA Agile (backlog and Scrum/Kanban board views), JIRA Service Desk (ticket queues) and Tempo (timesheet, calendar, report and list views)
  • New cell type: "link": it was introduced to turn the cell type of the Issue key and Summary columns from plain text into links.


  • Fixed: Excel API (and Excel Automation for JIRA) always generates files with the ".xlsx" extension even if the template is ".xls" or ".xlsm" type
  • Fixed: "All fields" type exports at single issues export only a subset of the fields


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