JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.10.0 released: support for nFeed, "Performance Tuning" page

We are proud to announce that JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.10.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

Support for nFeed

The nFeed add-on integrates external data sources (SQL databases, LDAP, Active Directory, REST APIs, Salesforce, CSV files, etc.) to JIRA. From this version, PDF View Plugin is tightly integrated with nFeed, allowing you to export all nFeed custom fields to PDF. More than data export, you can easily implement custom reporting and Business Intelligence on nFeed data.

See some sample exports from nFeed and learn more about this integration.

New "Performance Tuning" page

We compiled a page about what to do and what to avoid when developing custom PDF templates for large scale of data. If you are working with many-many-thousands of issues or many-many-thousands of fields or complicated Groovy scripts, bring a cup of coffee and read the Performance tuning page. We will keep improving it with our future findings, as well.

See the full release notes →


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