Allow non-admin users to create, edit or delete commit policies

One potential security model:

  • Allow selecting user(s) or user group(s) that can create new policies (in addition to JIRA admins).
  • Allow selecting user(s) or user group(s) for each policy who can update or delete that policy (in addition to JIRA admins).
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    Jeff Molofee

    In a locked down environment like our own where we have administrators that manage the services, we need a way for users to be able to create and update their own commit policies.  At the moment we have to do a screen share and log in while the users makes changes.  Not convenient.


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    Darrell Sutherland

    This functionality is required as the team who manages the policies is not the same team who own the Jira platform which makes it awkward when new policies need creating. Having the opportunity to add another crowd group to manage the policies will make the working relationship with this other team easier.

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