Make it possible to change “4 pages expired” to “4 pages out of X expired” in notification emails

Where X is the total number of pages in the space.

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    Patrick Richert

    The use case is this:  Our users may have spaces with 100's, if not 1000's of pages in them. It would be helpful for them to see that they are responsible for a number of pages, which Midori does, but also to let them know if that number represents ALL of the expired pages or a portion of them. By doing this, pages that may have a user that is not with the company, or a user that is not longer with that team, can be reconciled as well. If the responsible user sees that they need to update 4 out of 12 pages, and they've been tasked with updating pages in the space, they now know that they have 8 other pages they need to look at as well. It will also give them an idea of how "current" the space is.

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