JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.7.1 released: maintenance version

We are proud to announce that JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.7.1 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release


  • Important bugfix: #cfValue() macro doesn't render randomly

This version fixes the problem of the #cfValue() and other Velocity macros not rendering randomly: at some exports (including both manual and automated ones), they appear in the PDF document in their original form.

Root cause: there is a potential race condition in JIRA's internal macro caching, that we could successfully reproduce with a Python script that simulates rendering PDF documents while generating unusual load also on the JIRA web interface.

Fix: although the problem is not in the PDF View Plugin side, we managed to develop a fix for this.

We also reported the problem to Atlassian here: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-64200


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