Send the notification emails in the name of a more intuitive identity or make it fully customizable

Original request:

The issue is that we feel like it’s confusing to our users, “Archiving Plug-In” seems like it would be more spam related to someone who doesn’t understand what a Plugin is. 
If it could be something along the lines of: 
Archive Admin 
Archive Manager 
Confluence Manager 
Or if we could assign it to a specific user (i.e. Confluence Admin) 
But, best case scenario would be to come from the person initiating the change. 

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    Robynn Powell

    This feature would be terrific! Many of our confluence users have turned off email notifications from Confluence, or have filters set to send them to trash. 

    As a result, the intended recipients never see the emails about expired pages. 

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    Srikanth Duggineni

    if we can customize the sender address in the life cycle Configuration, it would be nicer.

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