Support for Tempo Expenses

As a user, I want to export Tempo Expenses to PDF.

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    Silvio Raetzer

    We document all our expenses in a corresponding jira issue, like cost for transportation, lunches, books, events and such. we do this with the Tempo Expense functionality. We also upload receipts and ticket scans to the issue.

    At the end of the month, or at the closing of the issue, we would like to print out the issue including all expenses and attachments to hand over to finance to get our money reimbursed.

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    Matthias Voigt

    Hi Ferenc,

    are there any news on that?

    Best regards.

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    Ferenc Nagy

    Hi Matthias,

    This feature request is still open, but as we are working on other features with higher priority, we cannot say an exact release date for it. When it is implemented, we will notify all users who voted for this. Till then, thanks for your patience!

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