Allow archiving even on archive spaces

It may sound counter-intuitive, but it would allow complex 2-phase processes like:

  1. Based on some criteria, move page X from the fresh space to the archive space.
  2. Based on some other criteria, permanently delete X from the archive space. (ex: free resources 2 years after a page was archived)


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    Ciaira Castorena

    We'd love to see a config option to enable the archive plugin to run on archived spaces, for the purposes of trashing content. 

    Context: As we considered our options for cleaning up dupe data, we checked if we would be able to run a separate configuration only on archived spaces, to trash their content after an even longer period of time passed; thus, eventually removing the complication of duplicate content and data overflow. With this method, content would also go through en entire lifecycle (creation > archive > deletion) rather than living on in perpetuity. Since our use case is essentially focused on an intranet, our archive spaces won't be deleted since they represent historical data for primarily evergreen subjects like "departments", not transient subject matter like a company event. So, having the ability to automate not only the archival of content but the eventual deletion as well would be of huge value, especially for instances of our size and rate of growth/scale.

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    Elisabeth Auburger

    Totally agree!!! That is what we intend to do

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