Multiple schedules for background jobs

More flexibility can be useful to run backgrounds jobs at custom frequency. 

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    Dorothee Rothfuss-Bastian

    We would appreciate more flexibility in so far that we run our "normal" archiving job (Find and Archive Expired Content) once a month, but would like to run a job daily that only finds and archives expired content that is labelled with 'archive' or 'archive-single'.

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    Paul Barrett

    This would be of great help as we have a few test spaces where we would need to run archiving daily for pages over 30 days, currently the job has to be manually run in the evenings as our normal run is done once a week.  Would certainly like to see the possibility of multiple job schedules.

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    Martin Moser

    We need this feature to answer the call from our users about more flexibility for their archiving needs.

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