JIRA PDF View Plugin 6.0.1 released: support for the Issue Statistics & agile gadgets (Burndown, Health, Wallboard)

We are proud to announce that JIRA PDF View Plugin 6.0.1 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

This major release focuses on significantly improving dashboard exports.

Most importantly, this version enables exporting four new gadget types, making PDF View Plugin the only viable gadget exporter solution for JIRA (see the list of all supported gadgets).

Watch the intro video →

Support for the Issue Statistics gadget

Issue Statistics was the most frequently requested gadget to support among the JIRA core gadgets. This is now supported.

Support for JIRA Software gadgets (Sprint Burndown, Sprint Health and Agile Wallboard)

Solving the number two most popular gadget-related feature request, you can finally export the JIRA Software (aka JIRA Agile) gadgets.

New PDF views to export dashboards to 1, 2 or 3 column layouts

Getting your preferred layout is now easier.


  • Fixed: dashboard exports generated by automation actions have the filename "10103.pdf".
  • Fixed: character encoding in Tempo worklog comments and Zephyr test data may break on Windows.

See the full release notes →


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