Support for SVN properties

See #2743.

Customer wants to implement rejection logic based on SVN property values.

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    Alexis Michaelides

    We're currently doing this via some legacy Perl scripts right now, but it would be ideal if it can be integrated with the Commit Policy Plugin (and therefore configured from within JIRA).

    Here are some of our use cases for this:

    • Depending on file extension, require svn:keywords property to be set to at least "Id"
    • Depending on file path (and/or extension), require svn:needs-lock to be set
    • Depending on file extension, ensure svn:mime-type is unset. For example we have seen cases where some developers are committing .sql files, which are otherwise text, with svn:mime-type=application/octet-stream. This breaks functionality in other tools (e.g. FishEye) as they don't recognise the file as text. We have implemented a policy to reject these commits.




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