Customizable permissions for policy management

Currently only JIRA administrators can create/edit/delete policies.

User wants to customize the permissions required for policy management, e.g. use a global configuration setting where a JIRA group can be set.

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    Aron Gombas

    I am working on the design of the revised permission model that will allow non-admin users to create/edit/delete policies. Not surprisingly, there are many approaches we can take here, ranging from the simple-but-inflexible to the complex-but-flexible.

    I'd be happy to share my design with actual users just to be sure that what we implement meets the end-user needs.

    If you want to review the design before we implement this, please email me at:


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    Levente Szabo

    As Aron mentioned, we have been working on a new feature to customize permissions for managing commit policies, while maintaining internal security and honor existing user permissions in Jira.

    We evaluated multiple options from the super-flexible (but hard to administer) to super-simple (but inflexible). We arrived to a solution that is easy to understand, near-zero effort to manage and matches the requirements we heard from customers.

    We are now offering you a "preview release" of the app, so you can confirm if the new model actually meets your use case.

    This is the best time to influence the development of this feature with your comments, as after a public release major modifications are difficult and unlikely.

    Take this limited time offer to express your thoughts and reach out to me at for a preview version of Better Commit Policy for Jira!

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