PDF Automation Plugin for JIRA 3.0.0 released:​ support for Automation Lite for JIRA 3.0.0 and Automation for JIRA 3.0.0

Midori is happy to announce that PDF Automation Plugin for JIRA 3.0.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

Code Barrel took over the old Automation Plugin for JIRA from Atlassian in March 2017 and renamed it to Automation Lite for JIRA. Its latest release 3.0.0 is built from their next generation codebase, which is the same codebase that is the foundation of Code Barrel's paid automation add-on called Automation for JIRA.

This PDF Automation Plugin release supports both the old codebase and the new one, therefore it is compatible with the old Automation Lite versions (until 2.x), the new Automation Lite versions (from 3.0.0) and the new Automation versions (from 3.0.0).

Or in other words: PDF Automation Plugin is compatible with all automation add-on editions!


  • "Save PDF" action automatically creates the missing parent directories for the Excel file (if necessary)

Notable changes


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