Make the "Users (Excel)" and "Projects (Excel)" views globally accessible

Since these views don't work with issues, they should be globally accessible.
Maybe they could have their own menu entry/entries in the sidebar on the "Manage apps" page.

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    Constance Troutman

    Better Excel Exporter is driven from Issues that pull from Backlog, Board, Single Issue, Issue Navigator, Screens, Views, and so on...  Jira Administrators must pull a “one for one license count for Active or Inactive Reports” but is not possible with Better Excel Exporter.  I ran numerous “User Excel” reports and the end results were well over 500 Active and Inactive End Users which is not possible, I do not have that many Jira Software Licenses allocated to End Users in my Instance!

    Better Excel Exporter app does not Integrate with “Jira Administration/Jira Software” the app is not allocated to both Jira Administrators & License End Users it’s capabilities are for License End Users, “Jira User Export” had both capabilities! 

    Midori should update Better Excel Exporter to integrate into “Jira Software Instance” that does not pull from Backlog, Board, Single Issue, Issue Navigator, Screens, Views and so on.  Would be a great addition!!



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