JIRA PDF View Plugin 2.0.0: charting, custom filenames, custom metadata and easier installation

This is our biggest release since the first public version.

The most important change is that plugin is now adapted for JIRA's modern plugins 2 framework. Benefits:

  • The plugin is dead simple to install and upgrade dynamically through the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). UPM is the standard tool built into JIRA for installing, managing, upgrading, and diagnosing plugins.
  • The plugin doesn't use files from the JIRA server's filesystem any longer. All those resources (PDF templates, Groovy scripts, configuration files) are managed through a web based editor now. Template development and customization is a bliss.
  • Although it is fully transparent for users, the plugin now runs in an OSGI container. OSGI provides modularity, isolation and lifecycle management for plugins. Its primary goal is enabling plugins to be installed, uninstalled, upgraded, started and stopped any time without stopping and restarting JIRA itself. Hello Zero Downtime! 

This version also introduces a new Agile report template, which exports Burn Down charts, Velocity Trend charts and some other key agile metricsfor printing (sample PDF). It can be used with or without GreenHopper!

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