JIRA PDF View Plugin 3.1.0 released: API, integration and automation

Midori is proud to announce that  JIRA PDF View Plugin 3.1.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

This version introduces a public PDF API to generate PDF documents from JIRA issues and other JIRA data.

You have the following options to leverage the PDF API:

  • Install and configure the free open source post function- and service scripts to your JIRA.
  • Automate your processes with the powerful JIRA Automation Plugin.
  • Write your custom Groovy scripts, and run them with the Script Runner Plugin.
  • Build your own JIRA plugins in Java, or integrate PDF exporting capabilities to your existing plugins.

Follow these links to learn more.

Readily available post functions and services:

Automating PDF exports with the JIRA Automation Plugin:

Using the API:

Happy integrations!


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