Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 0.6.0 released: first public beta is available

Midori is excited to announce that the first public beta version of our new product,  Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 0.6.0 is finally available!

In nutshell: this new plugin is the smartest tool to create full-blown Excel exports from JIRA data, for reporting, for data analysis or for sharing JIRA information in XLSX format.

Thanks for everyone who already signed up for the beta. If you haven't yet, it isn't late:

Sign up and get the plugin

New in this release

Albeit this version is a beta, you can already build marvelous Excel exports, ranging from simple issue lists, through formulasfunctionsscriptscharts, to killer pivot tables and pivot charts

We will be developing more templates and ironing out the details in the forthcoming weeks.


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