Archiving Plugin for Confluence 4.1.0 released: improved page view tracking, more robust archiving, no email noise

Midori is proud to announce that the Archiving Plugin for Confluence 4.1.0 is publicly available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

New trigger: archive page if not viewed in last N days

You can flexibly combine this new trigger with others, like "and if it has not been updated in the last Z days or has been labelled with 'archive'".

"Pages not viewed recently" list displayed instantly

The count of "pages not viewed recently" is now displayed in the Content Quality Statistics table, and it contributes to the overall quality metric. Click that link to view the exact page list.

Space- and page archiving is more robust

The rewritten code is more fault tolerant and handles concurrency better.

No email noise

No unwanted notification emails are sent at page archiving (creations, deletions), comments, attachment or mentions.

Many-many smaller improvements

Numerous fixes and changes were made on the UI (ex: convenience links, hiding the archiving functionality for archive spaces), on Internet Explorer compatibility (ex: non-clickable buttons) or in the internals (ex: improved logging).


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