PDF Automation Plugin for JIRA 1.1.0 released: new action "Save PDF", support for custom fields in action parameters

Midori is happy to announce that PDF Automation Plugin for JIRA 1.1.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

New action: "Save PDF" to the file system

The new action called "Save PDF" allows you to generate PDF documents from your JIRA issues, and save those to the file system. It offers a simple and pragmatic solution to several data integration-, publishing- or backup use cases.

Support for custom fields in all action parameters

In addition to the standard fields of issues (like Status or Assignee, for example), you can now also access the custom fields in all template action parameters. For example, you can display custom field values in the body text of the emails, or generate PDF file names by including custom field values.


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