Archiving Plugin for Confluence 4.0.0: new "Configure Archiving" interface, support for supervisors and archiver users

Midori is happy to announce that the Archiving Plugin for Confluence 4.0.0 is publicly available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

New Configure Archiving interface

The most frequent critics we heard over the years were feedback about the somewhat confusing and sometimes unintuitive configuration form.

In 4.0.0, we rebuilt the configuration experience from scratch. This is now based around the concept of triggers ("if a page is older than 10 days" or "if a page labelled with 'foo'"...) and actions (...then "notify its last modifier"), both allowing very fine-grained settings.

For example, the rules of "who receives what emails" were hardwired until now. Those are now configurable, allowing even "dry runs", when no emails are sent, only statistics and event streams are updated.

This improvement comes to both global configurations and space-specific custom configurations.


Another popular request was to send notifications to users that are not "directly" related to the content, meaning that they are neither authors, neither last modifiers, nor space administrators.

You can now configure so-called supervisors separately for page view tracking, page expiration tracking and archiving. You can do this per space, or using global configurations, of course.

If you want to route all notifications to a single external mailbox, just set up a Confluence user account with that email address and select that as supervisor. It's really that easy.

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Selectable archiver users

 In previous versions, all archiving operations (creating the archive space, copying and deleting the pages) were executed by a user account automatically selected by the plugin, based on its permissions. It lead to misunderstandings, as it looked if a real physical person deleted those pages.

The archiver user can now be manually picked, and we suggest configuring an intuitively named user account (e.g. "Wiki Archiver") for that purpose.

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Polished UI

You will notice that we touched the user interface a bit here and there, introducing more inline help and making the screen flows more consistent between space and global scopes.

Rewritten user documentation

We have rewritten the documentation from scratch while working on this release.

It brings more consistent nomenclature and more straightforward explanation of plugin features to the user community.


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