Archiving Plugin for Confluence 4.3.0 released: real-time page status browser / indicator, "archive" quick-action, REST API

Midori is happy to announce that the Archiving Plugin for Confluence 4.3.0 is publicly available at Atlassian Marketplace

New in this release

Page status browser

Conveniently browse through the pages in a space, with their real-time status, last update dates, last view dates displayed.

Page status indicator

Page status is also shown in the top-left corner of the content pane.

"Archive" quick-action in notification emails

Adding the "archive this page" label is now available in the notification emails! While looking at the list of expired pages, you can update or archive them with a single click.

Trigger precedence changed

The evaluation order of the archiving sub-triggers is now more intuitive. Recommendation: review your archiving configurations that use all the 3 sub-triggers!


Although the primary aim of the new API is to provide back-end for the plugin's own user-interface, you are also welcome to use it for your reporting and integration purposes.


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