Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA 0.7.0 released: get control over your code, change histories and Git / Subversion repositories

We are proud to announce that after several months of hard work, our newest product, the Commit Policy Plugin is finally available at Atlassian Marketplace!

How does the Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA work?

The Commit Policy Plugin verifies the changes committed to your Version Control System against a set of configurable rules. If the changes satisfy the policy expressed by the rules, the commit is accepted, otherwise it is rejected and the user is asked to fix the change and re-commit that.

It guarantees traceability from source code to user stories, tasks or other issue types, and results in high quality code and controlled processes.

What rules? What version control system? Check out the benefits and how it works in a minute.


The plugin is currently available in Beta version. We are moving fast toward general availability, but during the beta period, licenses are available free of charge.


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