Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 1.1.0 released: support for comments, calculated fields, JIRA Agile, JIRA Service Desk and Tempo

Midori is proud to announce that the Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 1.1.0 is generally available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

(Better) custom fields

By introducing the "fieldHelper" tool, all custom field types are exported to their optimal Excel representation.

Calculated fields

Calculated fields are a new concept in the Better Excel Plugin, to represent Excel values dynamically calculated during the export!

Support for JIRA Agile

  • Export the JIRA Agile-specific custom field types, like Sprint, Epic, Story Points, etc., to Excel.
  • A report template to analyze story points by projects, assignees, sprints and epics.

Support for JIRA Service Desk

  • Export the JIRA Service Desk-specific custom field types, like SLA, Request Participants, Customer Request Type to Excel.
  • A report template to analyze SLA by projects, assignees, request types and request participants.

Support for Tempo Timesheets

  • Export the Tempo-specific custom field types, like Account, Team, Iteration, and the Tempo managed worklogs to Excel.
  • A report template to analyze planned- and spent time by projects, assignees, accounts, iterations and teams.


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