Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 0.7.0 released: open beta is freely available

Midori is happy to announce the first version of our new product, that can be freely downloaded by anyone - without signing up for our BETA program!

How to get it?

  1. Download the plugin JAR file:
  2. Visit your JIRA, go to JIRA Administration → Plugins → Install Plugins and click Upload Plugin in the right.
  3. Click Browse, select the jira-better-excel-plugin-x.y.z.jar that you just downloaded, and upload it.
  4. Check whether Better Excel Plugin for JIRA is visible in the Installed Plugins list, and whether it is enabled.
  5. Have a chocolate, you are done!

New in this release


We significantly improved the performance of Excel exports, especially in case of larger data sets (several hundreds or thousands of issues).

An example export from Issue Navigator, including formulas and formatting, takes 19 seconds for 1000 issues. Please note that it largely depends on the complexity of your template.

Better documented

We worked hard also on the plugin documentation, adding the missing pieces and making it easier to understand with screenshots and diagrams.


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