Archiving Plugin for Confluence 5.1.0 released: new archiving strategies: Move / Copy and Trash / Trash, faster archiving

Midori is happy to announce that the Archiving Plugin for Confluence 5.1.0 is generally available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

Archiving strategies

Starting from this release, there are 3 ways to archive pages:

Each of these have their own merits, but "Move" is the new default, as it fits the most use cases the best.

"Move" implements the most requested feature to preserve the full version history for archived pages. Thanks for everyone asking for this, we appreciate your patience and your help in finding the perfect roadmap for the add-on! Keep it comin'!

After upgrading to this version, consider switching existing archiving configurations to "Move" (guide).

Performance improvements in archiving

The archiving logic used in previous add-on versions is now called "Copy and Trash". Even this strategy is faster than it was before, but "Move" is faster in most circumstances and "Trash" is blazingly fast.


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