Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA 2.0.0 released: token auth, Git client-side verifications, support for Bitbucket Cloud & GitHub

We are happy to announce that Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA 2.0.0 is now publicly available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

Token-based authentication

This new authentication mode, based on security tokens instead of plain text passwords, greatly improves hook security.

Git client-side verifications (commit-msg hook)

Reject broken commits before those are actually made! This mechanism verifies the commits in the developers' clone at commit time.

Support for Bitbucket Cloud & GitHub

Verify commits locally even if the remote repository is hosted in a closed system, where you cannot configure hooks.

Hook Script Wizard

The redesigned interface makes hook script installation a breeze.

"$committer.userName" variable

This variable in JQL conditions will be replaced with the committer's username before the JQL search is executed. Example JQL: "assignee = $committer.username"


  • Execute permission "x" is auto-set for hook script files (on U*X)


  • VisualSVN permission problems fixed
  • All condition types obey file path based scope limiting
  • International character fixes on Windows (files and usernames)


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