JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.1.0 released: scalability (via streaming), error tolerance, Expressions Reference Manual

We are proud to announce that JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.1.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release


We refactored the PDF document renderer from an everything-in-memory to a streaming architecture, resulting in drastic performance improvements. 25-50K issues can be exported to complex, tens-of-thousands-of-pages documents. We also updated the following document templates to scale better to large data sets (faster and using less memory):

  • issue-fo.vm
  • issue-navigator-fo.vm
  • gantt-chart-fo.vm
  • requirement-specification-fo.vm
  • story-card-fo.vm

Error tolerance

The robustness of the exported logic was vastly improved to deal with unexpected HTML and XML. It can handle unknown elements, unknown attributes, unknown CSS styling, and every sort of syntax errors. If you are maintaining or migrating field values in HTML, this will save you lots of headache.

Expressions Reference Manual

Want to export field X of object Y? Use this new template both as cheatsheet and as testing environment.


  • Front-end does not conflict with the Zendesk Connector add-on


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