JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.2.0 released: SVG, support for project / user / issue type / priority icons, template updates

We are proud to announce that JIRA PDF View Plugin 5.2.0 is available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

SVG graphics

SVG is a powerful and simple way to add dynamic vector graphics to your PDF documents. For example: rotate textdraw lines, display shapes, etc.

Support for project / user avatars and issue type / priority icons

Template updates

  • gantt-chart-fo.vm: tolerates NULL priority values
  • issue-fo.vm: exports the project avatar (optional)
  • issue-navigator-fo.vm: keys of resolved linked issues are ruled out
  • project-report-fo.vm: tolerates NULL priority values
  • project-report.groovy: tolerates NULL priority values
  • release-notes-fo.vm: exports the project avatar as logo, long issue keys don't overlap with summaries, smarter logic
  • requirements-specification-fo.vm: exports the project avatar on the cover, use status category colors for the status lozenges
  • sales-report.groovy: minor changes
  • story-card-fo.vm: exports the issue type icon, priority icon and the assignee avatar for each card
  • timesheet-fo.vm: minor visual changes


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