Better Excel Plugin for JIRA 0.8.0 released: available via Atlassian Marketplace

Midori is proud to announce that our newest product is finally available at Atlassian Marketplace, via this page!

We worked really hard on this release. After so many months in beta status, finally the time has come to release the plugin publicly. We are really excited, and hope you will be, too.

You can conveniently install it using JIRA's built-in Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). Users of previous versions can upgrade to the new version also via UPM.

New in this release

All types of the standard custom fields, plus the custom field types managed by JIRA Agile (sprint, epic, etc.), are natively supported.

We improved the performance of exports. The result is that it performs significantly better than JIRA's built-in Excel export feature in most situations.

We polished the UI here and there. Most importantly, the Template Manager screen is more user friendly now, always indicating the most recently modified template or resource file.


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