Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA 2.1.0 released: compatibility release for JIRA 7.2, more precise execution of JQL searches

We are happy to announce that Commit Policy Plugin for JIRA 2.1.0 is now publicly available at Atlassian Marketplace!

New in this release

This version is primarily a compatibility release for the JIRA 7.2 line, but also includes a couple of improvements around evaluating the "commit message must contains issue keys" condition.


  • JQL warnings and errors raised while executing the search will be displayed by the VCS client. (In previous versions, the commit was correctly rejected, but the root cause appeared only in the server logs.)
  • When the JQL is empty, formally correct, but non-existing issue keys will be rejected. (In previous versions, "FOOBAR-123" was always accepted by empty JQLs. This is now accepted only if it actually exists.)


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