Generate password protected PDF files

Its goal is to make the content read-only.

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    Marc Woods

    Many Government agency require this or are starting to. this is a necessity


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    Levente Szabo

    Marc, can you describe your use case, please?

    1. Would you like to enter a password every time when generating the PDF file, or would you like to have the password set in the PDF template? (This latter would mean that the password is the same for every PDF exported from that template, until you change that in the template.)
    2. Then would you share the password with everyone who's allowed to read the document? What channel would you use that for? (Email?)


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    Levente Szabo

    More details (ticket #1565):


    The preferred method would be:

    on Print/export the user is prompted for a password. I would suggest double entry for verification. This way the password is unique for each print.

    Maybe something like this:


    And for the Admin piece _-> when select PDF View see below.

    Add a security section for each PDF and allow a couple of options:

    None: the above popup is not displayed when the user exports the PDF

    Optional: the “No Security” check box shows up on the PDF Security popup above given the user the option to enter a password or bypass the security

    Require: the “No Security” check box does not show up and the user is required to enter a password before they can export the PDF.


    The User would be resposable for providing the password to whoever the file is given to. This would be outside of JIRA and is at the discreation of the user. If the user forgets the password they can just re export the file and add a new password. I would not try to maintain the passwords, it wouldn’t be worth it.

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    Henning Tietgens

    We also need password protected PDFs, but in our case the password should allow reading the PDF. We want to generate the password protected PDFs via API, providing every time a new password.

    Thanks and best regards,

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