Dynamic column sizing for tables

We should allow the layout engine to size the columns to "fit their content".

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    Areg Vrtanesyan

    Hi Team

    This is really need to have.

    We are trying to generate nice tables for PDF using wiki or JEDITOR CF'S and output is completely ruined.

    Now we need to try another approach until this is fixed.



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    Rajendra Kusumba

    Hi Team,

    We have linked issues plugin and would help us if there is a feature to control column width on dashboards (JQL filters results).



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    Douglas Gschwind

    Hi - 

         I've built a Jira dashboard with a filter results gadget that we use as part of our project/program check-in meetings.  Some columns have much more text than others.  The dashboard takes this into account when choosing column width.  When I convert it to a PDF using your tool all columns are assigned the same width.  This results in an inefficient use of report space - the PDF report has lots of dead whitespace and is much longer (more pages) than it needs to be.  A fix for this would be much appreciated.


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