Support for the Rich Filter Gadget


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    Majken Connor

    We really love Rich Filter for Jira Dashboards and are going to be recommending it to more of our clients. It's a really use friendly way to get more complex reporting.

    However our clients will naturally want to export these dashboards to use as their reports to their managers and VPs. This is where the PDF export comes in. We also love your add-on and would like to be able to recommend the add-ons together.

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    אריג' חמדאן


    rich filter is very usefull and recommended in our company

    our client really need  to export these dashboards to use as their reports to their managers and up.


    hopefully that soon we will be able to export and use thus recommended add-on

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    Evan Underwood-Harley

    The ability to export the Rich Filter Dashboards would be a great addition to the PDF exporter plugin and it would be great if this feature could be added.



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    James Holt


    We definitely need this, our top managers want to see dashboards in PDF!

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    Alejandro Alcantara

    I do support the need of this compatibility with Rich Filters plugin.

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    Marco Schmidt

    We definitely need the Rich Filter Dashboard export to PDF!

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    Paul Roche

    +1: That's crazy how this app is gaining prominence in terms of dashboarding and they are doing such a great work that it should be delightful for you to support their gadgets.

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    Jane Ong

    I need Rich Filter Dashboards for one of my client as well. It's the main deciding factor on whether to buy Better PDF Exporter or not. No point having the ability to export PDF and customize the reports when the most important charts/graphs such as SLA related ones that Rich Filter Dashboards provided are missing.

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