Support for Tempo gadgets


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    Kouros Goodarzi

    Tempo timesheets and worklog gadgets are main components of our dashboards and if we can't export them to pdf, the PDF View tool from Midori is of no use to us.

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    Erica Garcia

    I am unable to utilize PDF exporter for our company needs. Our main desire is to utilize Tempo Portfolio gadget and Tempo Folio gadget from dashboard to pdf via automation email on a scheduled delivery for executive review.

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    Danna Deaton

    We are using JIRA plug-ins for our Management Status Reporting (MSR), the ability to automatically create a dashboard in JIRA using Gadgets and then exporting to .pdf files saves our Project Managers time from manually creating status reports.  Tempo is always up to date and reflects the current work activities and time spent for reporting.  The Tempo time gadget is a huge part of the required reporting.

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