Store resource files (templates and scripts) in the server-side filesystem (for version control purposes)

It would be great if there was a way to access the templates on the actual file system so that we could track our templates via a version control system (i.e. git)

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    Areg Vrtanesyan

    I am looking for the same as we have one production and multiple staging instances and it is very hard to track it all down.

    If templates and scripts are in version control they are quite easy to manage and manipulate.

    I am really interested in this too

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    Aron Gombas

    Another user mentioned similar motivations:

    We want use version control for our templates and scripts. We will test on dev and QA servers first and then deploy to production from version control.

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    Areg Vrtanesyan

    Yes please.


    It will simplify our life.

    Template definition could still live in Jira so it is easy to refer to it but body will be ether inline or file system.

    Like in ScriptRunner.

    Really nice and powerful.



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