Configure the visibility of the export menus in Agile boards

Users would like to remove (hide) the menus as they are quite invasive on the UI.

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    Nigel Budd

    This would be a really useful modification.  

    I removed agile boards from all the reports, and although there were no templates to display the icons still showed, can you please hide if there is nothing to choose?


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    Jörg Spiegelhoff

    We are on the way to do an JIRA Upgrade...during test we saw that icons on the Boards. As the empty icons on the boards are extremly disturbing the UI we need to deactivate the plugin.

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    Levente Szabo

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to bring your attention to this new recipe: Hiding the "Export" menus on JIRA Agile boards

    This provides a reliable workaround until the official feature comes out for the Export menu visibility configuration on Agile boards.

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