Archiving comments

Original request:

I would like to see a comment archiving plugin similar to the page archiving plugin. Older comments that do not have recent replies should be archived, or possibly just hidden on the page. It's perfectly ok if the older comments still show up in search results, but having long and obsolete comment trees at the end of pages is both annoying and counter-productive.

Proposed solution, later accepted by the requester:

  1. The exact definition of the archival criteria for comments should be "If a comment's youngest reply (recursively, a reply to a reply does also count) is older than N days, then it should be archived."

  2. The value of N in the previous point should be specified per space, as a part of space-scoped configuration. 

  3. Global configurations should support point 2, obviously.
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    Paul DeSousa

    I agree with this archiving request for Comments - we require the same and would be happy to be contacted for more detail or for testing.


    Best regards,

    Paul DeSousa

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