Preserving last modification date and last modifier information - DONE!

When the Archiving plugin copies a page to the archive space, it not only loses the page history, it replaces the last modification date with the date the page was copied to the archive space. I understand this is because Confluence does not freely allow manually defining the "last modification date" metadata.

Our team needs to search the archived pages occasionally. Having information about when this page was last modified and who modified it would be very helpful. One pragmatic solution to this problem might be to copy the "page info" contents ("Added by John Doe, last edited by Jane Doe on Jul 24, 2013") into the page contents when the page is copied to the archive space. Then, at least, the information is preserved.

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    Levente Szabo

    This is possible since the "Move" archiving strategy was introduced. That preserves all these types of meta information.

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