Managing the lifecycle of and archiving attachments

To find and clean up the attachments that were not used during page rendering or were downloaded in the last N days.

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    Joël Bourquard

    I had an idea for handling obsolete attachments, and I implemented it as follows in our plug-in:

    • Added a "Mark as obsolete" link next to each attachment (in the attachments screens)

    • When clicking the link, the plug-in uploads a placeholder document of the same MIME type, as a new version of the attachment. The placeholder document says something like "This document is obsolete".

    As a result, the document contents won't appear in search results anymore - except if someone searches for the document's title, of course.

    The "Mark as obsolete" is very easy to revert: users just have to delete the newest revision.

    And of course, in case the whole page (and its attachments) becomes obsolete, one can just move it to an archived space, either with Midori's plug-in or manually.

    So what do you guys think? I suggested this to the Midori team and they find it quite innovative, but they feel it doesn't fully match the philosophy of their plug-in.

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    Randy Kroenke

    Another useful feature request is the addition of workflows to documents.

    During the course of a document creation it is sometimes to classify what stage the document is in. For example: DRAFT -> IN REVIEW -> IN REVISION -> RATIFIED -> EXPIRED -> DEPRECATED. (or comparable). The "Comala" workflow is a way to generate a workflow for a Confluence page. It would be nice to do something similar for each document on a given page.

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    Srikanth Duggineni

    I want to archive only attachments on a space that has been not accessed/downloaded for a period

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