Not every space admin should be able to access the "Archiving" section in his/her space

One of our user suggests some additional security check to determine who can use the "Archiving" section. Technically speaking, it could be an additional permission, or simply selecting a user group (globally) that includes the "archiver persons".

Here is the original use case from a user:

Unfortunatelly, space-admin are sometimes a guy promoted with limited knowledge... ;-(

Deleting a space should be a voluntary action. Archiving somes pages may be not voluntary.

I was thinging of this new feature because of this kind of situation:

They dont know what is happening with their pages before it is scheduled.

I may be wrong, but for example, If I choose a global set like on the image attached (demo), where i have removed the option "notify about outdated pages" and also activated the option "scheduled job", i dont see the change in live on the panel "Archiving Configuration" reflected.
So they would thing that what they see is what will happend...

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