Separate the archiving configuration rights from space admin rights - DONE!

1. scenario: Some users want to add additional rights to individual users to be able to change archiving configurations in a space.

2. scenario: Others don't want even the space admins to be able to access the "Archiving" section in their space. They suggest some additional security check, to determine who can use the "Archiving" section. Technically speaking, it could be an additional permission, or simply selecting a user group (globally) that includes the "archiver persons".

Here is an original use case for the 2. scenario:

Unfortunatelly, space-admin are sometimes a guy promoted with limited knowledge... ;-(

Deleting a space should be a voluntary action. Archiving somes pages may be not voluntary.

I was thinging of this new feature because of this kind of situation:

They dont know what is happening with their pages before it is scheduled.

I may be wrong, but for example, If I choose a global set like on the image attached (demo), where i have removed the option "notify about outdated pages" and also activated the option "scheduled job", i dont see the change in live on the panel "Archiving Configuration" reflected.
So they would thing that what they see is what will happend...

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    Katharina Alt

    I have another customer that does not want space admins to be able to change the global Archiving configuration for there specific spaces. It would be a great function to set a global configuration as mandatory for the globally selected spaces.

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    We have granted some key individuals in departments 'admin' access to their space.  We realized however, that this also allows them to add/grant permissions (including Admin) to the entire space.  

    This violates one of our policies, in that Systems Administration manages access, and only (to the extent possible) through Active Directory groups.  

    By granting these people 'admin' rights we lose that level of control to the space. 

    We would like to allow non-admin, e.g., editors the ability to access "page status" (Space Tools >> Content Tools >> Page Status).    We would be ok with configuring their alerts through ticket requests, but we would like to empower the departments to have visibility into their content.   We do not want to start managing all of their content.

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    Dorothee Rothfuss-Bastian

    We also need possibilities to restrict rights to 

    • start an archiving process
    • change a configuration for a space.

    We don't want space admins to be able to do that. Ideally, we would like to be able to define a group of users who have the rights to manage that.

    However, space admins should be able to see the content quality statistics and the archiving events for their space

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    Aron Gombas

    Version 8.2.0 of the Better Content Archiving app has just been released!

    It comes with the following improvements related here:

    1. Trusted group to restrict the permission of editing configurations and running the job in a space
    2. Default configuration to initialize new spaces with a globally defined archiving configuration


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    Dorothee Rothfuss-Bastian

    Sounds great. Thanks a lot.

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