Easy "restore archived page" function

Time to time, people archive one or more pages unexpectedly. Restoring them could be easier.

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    michael regelin


    indeed pretty awaited function ;-)



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    Doug Beattie

    Our organization has purchased the license for your archive plugin and have now archived some Confluence pages. We now need to restore a page but we cannot see how this can be done.

    What is the process to restore a page that has been archived?

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

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    Forrest Aldrich

    This should be a standard feature.  I don't know anyone that would prefer a more manual copy and paste method.   Especially, if you have many sections that need to be restored -- I'm not going to do that.

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    Dennis Mersjann

    We are currently evaluating the Plugin and also find this to be the biggest improvement atm. 

    Especially in the early phases of finding out the best-fitting expiration times, some relevant content might get archived, and copying everything back is just too much effort.

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    Paula Dasch

    Archiving Plugin has "Move" strategy now. This is really helpful.

    "Restore archived page" function is already there - move page from archived space to active spage again - but you need to set the "view" and "edit" timestamp manually.


    To have a function which marks a page up-to-date if I move a single page or page tree out of the archived space into the active space, to reactivate the content, would be great!

    It does not matter why I move the page: Either inaccidentally moved to archive space, or want to reactivate the former old content to the active spae.

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