Handling incoming links that break because the target page was archived

This is a well-known problem, if this is a problem at all.

A user suggests:

Having links remaining to non-existent pages would cause confusion among some of our users about why they were creating/editing pages that they expected to exist. Ideally, any links referencing the archived page would be
removed from the wiki.

We are not quite convinced by this, and we do not really like the idea of rewriting other content. As we answered:

We still believe that transparently modifying the pages with incoming links would just generate more problems. Consider this: you have pages "A", "B", and "C". All of them are really old, and they cross-link each other. Now, when "A" gets archived, then the links in "B" and "C" should be unlinked, as by your definition.

1. That's great, but then "B" and "C" gets uptodate (as their timestamp was updated!), so the Archiving Job will not find them as "expired" anymore!

2. Assume that they would be found the Archiving Job somehow (technically it'd be doable). Then, when "B" is archived what should happen with the links in "A" pointing to "B"? Update the page "A" which is already archived???

The whole thing is just difficult to understand and follow by users. If users need to make major efforts to understand what happened, then automation will not make sense anymore.

We are more than open to hear every suggestions.

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