Archiving on personal spaces

Personal spaces are currently completely ignored by the plugin, but some users use their personal spaces for "drafting" purposes (before promoting content to global spaces). It results in stale personal content, which would benefit from archiving.

All features should work in some similar way as in global spaces.

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    Nienke Speet



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    Paula Dasch


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    Ciaira Castorena

    This should definitely be included as a feature. Not only do our users sometimes user their personal space for drafting purposes, but many also house published content in their spaces indefinitely, and the content is widely used across the company for some time. This content needs to be maintainable through archiving the same as content in global spaces. We currently have over 2k personal spaces (almost 1 for every user) and as we continue to grow and scale up, we need the plugin to be able to keep us organized across all spaces. 

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