Macros to display "content quality"

Original request:

Have the administrative views of "Content quality" to be presented as macros that can be embedded on pages themselves.

Other suggestions to give better look into the current quality (that could potentially be macros):

A stats bar showing "Space health" for users arriving at spaces for the first time - "Is this space actually useful?"

Create a "Hows my space" page that would let wiki gardeners understand which pages could do with some pruning and/or updating

Related: There were other requests to implement a general "wall of shame". Having flexible macros, would allow building this in a customizable form.

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    Levente Szabo

    Archiving Plugin 4.3.0 (released yesterday) gives a new interface to browse through a space with the pages' status, last update time and last view time displayed.

    It's not a macro, so it doesn't require you to embed the macro in any page, but a screen that is accessible by anyone who has read access to that space:


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