Aggregated notification emails (reduce email traffic)

Many users report that they receive multiple notification emails if they have multiple "roles" (both author and space admin, for instance).

It could be addressed in multiple ways:

  1. Sending one email, but with multiple sections in it (in some sort of descending priority order: first last modifier, then author, ..., finally supervisor) and one page should appear only in one section (the highest priority one)
  2. Sending one email with one section (like now), but displaying the "reason" beside each page (note: readability should not suffer this change!)
  3. Something else? (please comment!)


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    Lantiq Jira Admin

    The important point for us is to eliminate multiple notifications to the same person about the same page at the same time, so this should be highlighted in the feature description. If this is done, it doesn't matter to us if there is one email per role or one email with one section per role.


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    Janick Brischle

    I would like the "one mail" thing. But as  David said, "the important point for us is to eliminate multiple notifications to the same person about the same page at the same time", this is priority 1 for us.

    As a ad-hoc idea there could be one mail with the roles as sections with the affected pages. 

    "because you are admin:


    because you are space creater:

    ... ..."

    For the doubled pages, add a new Section like "You get this pages listed because you have 2 roles or more, which could be responsible.", and liste the pages under that.

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    Greg Della-Croce

    I would really like to keep the number of emails down to a minimum for our Space Admins.   While I agree that with Janick and Lantiq about not notifying the same Admin multiple times about the same page, I am very much looking forward to a "One Mail" solution if we can find a way to do it.

    Thank you for your hard work!

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    Tim Böhler

    We want this feature too. Very often author and last modifier are the same person, so they get duplicated entries in their notification e-mail and they really don't like that.

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    Elena Lurye

    In a situation when page author himself marked the page for archiving, it would help to eliminate the email to be sent to him with the confirmation that it was indeed archived.

    On the other hand, if someone else requested the archiving and the page was archived - we want the page author to be notified

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    Michael Jerista

    Is there a way to vote for this! So much this!

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    Levente Szabo

    Hi Micheal,

    Please use the thumbs-up button and also don't forget to follow the article to get automatic updates!


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    Aron Gombas

    UPDATE: We have released the Better Content Archiving app's cloud version just a few weeks ago. It addresses many points criticized in the Data Center version, including also this one.

    (Our plan is that, if there is interest, we will back-port the most valuable changes from the Cloud version to the Data Center one.)

    In the cloud version, we designed a better implementation of notifications. As a consequence, you will receive one email only once even if you are e.g. last modifier, author and content owner of a page at the same time.

    In the screenshot above, you can see how to configure the recipients for each configuration,

    🔥 Try this in action now!

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