Custom page owners

Original request:

There are some situations where neither the page creator nor the last editor of the page are the relevant people to notify of a page expiry. Similarly, the space admins and supervisor may know who the current owner is, but have to manually notify them of expired pages.

If the person who currently owns the information on the page is known, then there should be a way of indicating who it is. A way to do this that fits in with the current design would be to apply a label of the form: owner-[single-]<user>. This should support multiple owners being defined for the page.

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    Rabih Noureddine

    Any idea when this feature will be available? it would be an awesome feature to have.

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    Levente Szabo

    As you see this is in the top of the feature request list. Actually there is only one item that has higher priority than this, and that will be released soon, and then it becomes the most-requested feature.

    Nevertheless, there is no public deadline for this.

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